How we do it


Here at The Weston Center, LLC the focus is on Relationships

  • Relationship to Self
  • Relationship to others
  • Relationship to God

Special attention is paid to habits, attitudes and behaviors in these key areas.  Our goal being to apply a life of faith to ones walk of faith.


Relationship to Self

How well do we really know ourselves?  Are we really at peace when we are alone?  Is our mind and hear troubled?  Is it painful when you are bored or alone?  If you feel, to any level of degree, any of these feelings you are experiencing loneliness in relationship to self.  The goal of this area is to move you from a sense of loneliness to solitude.  Loneliness shows itself in a sense of desperation as we look inside ourselves, it feels like a hopeless search for a foundational base.

Solitude on the other hand brings a warm sense of peace and serenity to your inner self.  You can be alone and still feel connected.  Demands and expectations cannot penetrate your solitude.  True solitude at its core is humility and compassion.  To accomplish this one must know what it takes effort and it is a spiritual work.


Relationship to Others

One area where spiritual maturity is evident is in relationships with others.  It is a barameter to your level of spiritual maturity.  In gauging this barameter one must look at where they are in the lines of hostility and hospitality.  Hospitality encourages one to be selfish, insecure and suspicious.  What is desired is hospitality which offers the opportunity to give and receive love, kindness and earthly forgiveness.

Relationship to God

This is the most important component of an illusionary relationship with God moving to a real relationship to the God of the Bible, it is the most important.  Our illusions of life can appear so real, so inviting that we lose our way to understanding the God of the Bible.  We often create a god of our own understanding and control instead of having a relationship and accepting the revealed God of the Bible.  This illusion keeps us man centered instead of God centered.

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